Bjerggata 57

3210 Sandefjord


(+47) 46 41 51 75


Sandefjord is our city. Centrally located in Vestfold - close to friendly neighbor towns, to the capital and the outside world. Locally you can find the beach, bike trails and coastal scenery and just a short distance to whatever you want. The nice town center has shops, good restaurants and cozy small cafes, bars, marinas, whaling museum and art in the «Bakgården» and much more.

With approx. 45,000 inhabitants, we are a relatively small city but with a great history to offer. For over 1000 years ago, the Vikings lived here around the Oslo Fjord. Sandefjord was the whaling capital of Norway. The major shipping companies for whaling where situated here with such a large number of ships that they covered the entire harbor. The shipping companies employed all men of all ages. The women stayed at home and took care of the children.

Nowadays we have a thriving business in the form of a vibrant city center, large international firms with employees from home and abroad, and Sandefjord Torp Airport.